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This week’s Tune for Tuesday, “Future In My Hands” and “Room DESPAIR” from Devil May Cry, is a double-feature, with one of the two being a song I’ve wanted to use for quite some time. But with the fate of net neutrality hanging in the balance, I just hope I’ll be able to do more of these like I have been over the last few years. And look, I know not everyone takes the time to listen to these when I do post them, regardless of how many websites I share my Tune for Tuesdays on. Heck, I don’t even do it every week anymore, just when I have a song in mind and I’m feeling up to the task. Even so, I know there are some people who do enjoy these other than myself, and I want to keep entertaining them. I’ve tried sending messages to those with the ability to save net neutrality, but I have no idea if any of them have made a difference. I’d use my phone to call as well, but while I’m completely fine with talking to strangers in person, I’m REALLY uncomfortable communicating verbally with people I don’t know over the phone, especially with the stakes as high as they are. I feel like I’d do more harm than good if I’m too panicky to get my point across. But if you don’t have this stupid problem of mine, and if you enjoy my Tune for Tuesdays, PLEASE do whatever you can to help prevent the internet from going the same way as television, where the only options available are whatever your provider dictates. As for now, I’m fighting the only way I feel like I can possibly make a positive difference at this point: raising awareness alongside my weekly song picks.