This week’s Tune for Tuesday, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” by the Eurythmics and I have a long, awesome history. I first fell in love with it when I was four years old, when I heard it as part of a commercial on television for a collection of hit songs from the 1980s. Then, at the Bat Mitzvah for one of my cousins, this was one of the songs that played during the party. Throughout the time I was in school, when I was riding in my dad’s car, I’d go nuts whenever I heard this song come, be it from whatever radio station we were listening to or when it popped up on my dad’s iPod playlist, something I still do to this day. And this past weekend, at the wedding of a different cousin, towards the end of night, this amazing song came up yet again while I was tearing up the dance floor! So all I have left to say is sweet dreams, everyone!