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As I’ve mentioned multiple times, today is a very special day. 14 years (and 3 hours) ago, when I was 7 years old, I myself and who knows how many other people first saw this wonderful show premiere on American television on what is without a doubt the most influential television programming block to date: Toonami. And having done a research assignment on Toonami and the concept of programming blocks, I feel more than qualified to make that claim. So I decided to celebrate this special occasion with a specific type of fan work that I myself have absolutely no experience with, but immense respect for: the AMV!

While admittedly not the most well made AMV out there, it has several points in its favor. The clips are in decent quality, there is use of more than the utmost basic editing techniques, it features an actual song that is used in the series and even a scene from the original pilot, and above it, upon watching this video, I felt the same sort of excitement as when I first Outlaw World, the very first episode, all those years ago.