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This week’s Tune for Tuesday, “Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem” from Aish, is in a great example of how different cultures and traditions can come together to produce something incredible while still having a good time.
For me, this is proof that different generations aren’t as irreconcilable as they may seem at times. Additionally, I feel that this video has smarter and more clever lyrics, more heartfelt and passionate vocals, and better choreography and more talented dancers than the original song and music video it is a parody of. Since parodies usually are a way of mocking, either affectionately or mercilessly, something that was originally produced by another person or group, perhaps what they are mocking specifically is how the people who came up with the original song and music video didn’t put as much effort into their work as they could have. Then again, maybe this all just my own impression, and I’m merely over analyzing things. I still love this video either way.